What is a jockey box?

A jockey box is a portable draft system that chills and dispenses beverages. It consists of a cooling box containing stainless steel coils submerged in ice water and kegs filled with drinks. Liquid is pushed from the kegs into the chilling coils and exits a faucet just like beer in a taproom or bar.

Our all-stainless steel jockey boxes are produced by industry leaders Coldbreak, whose products are used by world-class breweries such as Founders, Deschutes, and Russian River to serve their products at events.

What is a growler?

Our Craftmaster pressurized growlers are insulated containers with an integrated tap system charged with single-use gas cartridges. We use them for our 1-gallon orders.

How much should I order?

A good rule of thumb is that each guest will have one drink per hour. We provide estimates for each of our packages that assume each guest will have between two and three cocktails during an event.

If you expect a particularly thirsty crowd or your event will run longer than three hours, consider ordering 4-5 drinks per person. If you are also serving other alcoholic beverages, you might need fewer cocktails. Use your best judgment, but prepare for a rush on the bar once word gets out about the Techno Viking. Everyone loves the Techno Viking.

What is included in my package?

Every package includes everything that you need to serve our cocktails at your event. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 1-gallon growler package
    Mixers for your cocktails in a 1-gallon pressurized growler
    Spirits for your cocktails
    Garnish and bamboo garnish tongs
    Ice, ice scoop, and ice bucket
    Bar mat for spills
    Compostable PLA cups and agave pulp straws
    Recycled beverage napkins
  • Jockey Box package
    Mixers for your cocktails in 2-gallon kegs
    Spirits for your cocktails
    Jockey box system
    Garnishes, garnish tray and bamboo garnish tongs
    Ice, ice scoops and buckets
    Ice chest for storing extra ice
    Bar mats for spills
    Compostable PLA cups and agave pulp straws
    Recycled beverage napkins


Do I need to provide ice? Cups? Garnish? A table?

If you’re going to need it, we’re going to bring it. Our Hoshizaki ice machines produce both large 1.25 inch cubes and pebble ice that we deliver based on the type and quantity of drinks you order. We also provide ice buckets, scoops, napkins, bar mats for spills, garnish, tongs, salt for margaritas, and a compostable cup for every drink in your order.

If you place a jockey box order, let us know in the delivery notes if you would like a table delivered (at no charge) on the order page.

When do you pick up the equipment?

When we drop off your order, we will ask you whether you would like same-day (9:30-12am) or next-day pickup (8:30-11:30am). We’ll log your preference and return to disassemble and take away the equipment.

How strong are your drinks?

All of our signature cocktails are formulated to incorporate at least one liter (33.8oz) of spirit per gallon batch. At 1.5oz of spirit per drink, this produces 22 drinks per gallon in most cases. Spirit forward cocktails like Old Fashioneds and Negronis incorporate multiple bottles of spirit per batch and produce 33 drinks per gallon.

We assume folks will spill or overfill occasionally, so we estimate 20 drinks/gallon for most of our cocktails. The final volume and potency of a gallon batch varies from 100 to 125oz at 11-31% alcohol by volume depending on the recipe. See our drinks page for details.

How far in advance do I need to order?

We’re now offering next-day delivery for orders placed before 3pm the day before.

What if I have leftovers?

We recommend that customers save the spirit bottles from their liquor delivery for leftovers. If you plan to keep your remaining drinks, we politely ask that you have the equipment drained and ready for pickup by your pickup time. 

Do I need to hire a bartender?

Our equipment is incredibly easy to use, however we suggest that events with more than 75 guests consider employing a bartender for speed’s sake. Contact us before or after you place your order and we can source a bartender for your event.

Is there a delivery fee?

Our delivery fees are included in the price of our product packages. The only additional fees are for holding equipment beyond our normal pickup times.

Does Cantaloupe Island sell alcohol?

We sell mixers, rent equipment, and deliver/market/advertise spirits for your local package store. Our packages list their products with our services and non-alcoholic mixers, and we deliver both our products and theirs with your order.

Why don't you offer martinis and other 'up' cocktails?

The short answer is glassware. We do not have the facilities to store and wash martini glasses/coupes, and we dislike the idea of pouring ‘up’ drinks in compostable cups.

We can certainly make ‘up’ cocktails; however, we are currently only producing them for custom orders where the customer provides glassware and a bartender.  We would love to see the Mekong Mindmelter served in a flute, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

What precautions are you taking regarding Covid-19?

All of our employees are vaccinated and all of our equipment is cleaned and sanitized between deliveries, including our delivery vehicles each day before we load them up. The cups, tongs, and garnish containers we provide are single-use and stored sanitarily prior to delivery.

Is this legal?

100%. Cantaloupe Island functions just like other liquor delivery services to bring you liquor purchased from your local liquor store through our website. We package that delivery service with our craft mixers and equipment to deliver you the highest quality, hassle-free craft cocktail solution for your event!

Where do you deliver?

If you are in our delivery area, almost anywhere is fair game as long as it is on private property.

You won’t need electricity or plumbing and we bring a table for our jockey boxes if requested. We strongly recommend that the bar be placed out of the sun to prevent your ice and compostable cups from melting.

If you’re not in our delivery area but in the Austin-metro area, we offer large-format deliveries on a case by case basis so please submit a request form here and we’ll get back to you ASAP.