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Making craft cocktails as easy as pulling a handle

Cantaloupe Island Draft Cocktails is the perfect plug-and-play solution for everything from house and office parties to weddings and corporate events.

We provide kegs and growlers filled with same-day fresh juices and homemade syrups that are mixed on-site with the sealed bottles of spirits we deliver with your order. We bring it all to you, set it up, and take it away. All you need to do is pour a drink and enjoy the party with your guests!

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Delivering a simple craft cocktail solution

If you're going to need it, we're going to bring it

Not just spirits and mixers, but everything you need for your event: cups, garnish, ice, ice buckets, scoops, and more. Order with confidence - we’ve thought of everything!

No mixing, no guesswork, no mess

You don’t need any bartending know-how to serve our drinks. If you can grab a cup and pull a handle, you can serve the best drinks in town at your event.

Five or five-hundred, we have cocktail package for you

Our equipment and facilities allow us to produce cocktail deliveries suited for any event, from a small dinner party to the largest wedding reception or corporate event. Build your package on our orders page or submit a custom order.

Hand-crafted, Same-day fresh

We are dedicated to delivering the freshest, highest-quality cocktails possible, so we squeeze fresh juice every day, use only homemade syrups and cordials, filter our water and ice, and even carbonate our own drinks.

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